Worldwide Aircraft Services Announces ‘Turn Key’ Installation of robust Folding Stair installation at our Springfield MO facility- also offered as a kit to be installed by the operator at their facility

Worldwide Aircraft Services is pleased to offer a solution to those ERJ-135/145 aircraft not equipped with a production airstair door. This modification is an installation of a folding stair in the main entrance of the Embraer EMB 135/145 aircraft.  The installation maintains the ‘side hinged’ jetway door and installs a folding stair and track system for stowage of the stair immediately aft of the existing jetway door for flight operations. This modification will give operators greatly increased operational flexibility by eliminating the requirement for added ground support needed for passenger loading and unloading.  The folding stair can be easily deployed internally or externally by the flight crew. This is a very straight forward installation that will provide operators with an easily maintained modification requiring little maintenance.

The installation includes the following assemblies:  1) a folding staircase, 2) handrails, 3) sliding or rail system integrated into the fuselage floor, and 4) locking assemblies to lock the stair while in use and to lock the folded stair while stowed.  The stair assembly is independent of the side hinged door, with the side hinged door design and operation unchanged.  The existing flight attendant control panel is relocated from the Left-Hand forward storage cabinet to the existing RH forward galley.  The forward-most Left-Hand passenger seat is permanently removed from the aircraft with this STC stair installed. This conversion is based on a standard configured aircraft. The installation can be done at our Springfield, MO facility, and is also offered as a kit to be installed by the operator at their facility.

Please watch this short video to view our product.

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